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Wisata Gili Labak ( Paket Hemat , Murah Dan Lengkap )

Gili Labak is known to have a variety of marine life, besides that the island is surrounded by pure white sand. Visitors will be greeted by a sprinkling of white sand, clear sea water, and calm seaside waters. The indigenous people of Gili Labak are friendly to tourists but it should also be noted that most of them only speak Madura

Gili Labak is a small island located in the southeast of Puteran Island or Madura Island. Administratively, this island belongs to the Talango District area, Sumenep Regency, East Java. The capital of the Talango sub-district is on Puteran Island. The island stretches for 5 hectares and can be surrounded in less than an hour.

To reach Gili Labak from Sumenep there are no regular vehicles. The only way is to rent fishing boats from Sumenep. From Surabaya, you can go to Bungurasih Terminal. From there take a bus heading to Madura with the last stop at Sumenep Terminal or at Kalianget Harbor and passing the Suramadu Toll Road so that the total travel time is around 4 to 5 hours and costs around 1 million people. For economy buses, in the morning or afternoon departure, the route to be taken is by ferry through the Port of Tanjung Perak so that the travel time is approximately 6 hours and costs 1 million / person.

🔰Open Trip Gili Labak
🔹Durasi Waktu 2 Hari 1 malam.
🔹Harga Rp.450.000/Orang.
🔹Meet Point Surabaya/Sidoarjo
🔹Kuota Minimal  8 Orang.

🔹Destinasi :
- Pulau Gili Labak.
- Pulau Gili Genting.

🔹Fasilitas Trip :
- Guide .
- Transportrasi Perahu Sumenep-Gili Labak PP.
- Transportrasi Surabaya-Sumenep PP
- Penginapan 2 hari 1 malam
- Tiket Masuk Gili Labak
- Life Jacket dan Snorkling.
- Makan 5x
- Welcome Drink,Snack dan Aqua
- Driver,BBM,Tol Parkir.
- P3K Standar
- Dokumentasi Bawah Air.

🔹Non Fasilitas :
- Transport menuju Meet Point.
- Hal-hal yang tidak di sebutkan di Fasilitas.

🔹Tersedia Booking Hari :
- Jumat s/d Sabtu. ( Tentukan tanggal trip mu )

🔹Jika Kuota Minimal Tidak Terpenuhi maka,ada Penyesuaian Harga.

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