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👉Meet Point : Timika,Mozes Kilangin International airport.

In 1936, the Carstensz expedition, initiated by the Dutch, was unable to determine with certainty which of the three peaks was the highest, decided to try to climb each peak. Anton Colijn, Jean Jacques Dozy, and Frits Julius Wissel reached the Eastern Carstensz glacier and the Ngga Pulu Peak on 5 December. Because the glaciers are melting, the height of the Ngga Pulu Peak is 4,862 meters, but it has been estimated that in 1936 (when the glacier was still covered by a peak of 13 square kilometers), Ngga Pulu was indeed the highest peak with an altitude of more than 5,000 meters.

Afterwards Puncak Jaya was never climbed until 1962, by an expedition led by Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer, with three other expedition members, Robert Philip Temple, Russell Kippax, and Albertus Huizenga. Philip Temple from New Zealand, previously led an expedition to the area and pioneered an access route to the mountains.

In 1963, the peak was renamed Puncak Sukarno, after which it was later renamed Puncak Jaya. The name Carstensz Pyramid itself is still used among mountain climbers
👉Kuota Minimal 3 Pax.
👉Route : Timika Helicopter to Yellow Valley.

Carstensz Pyramid is a peak that is part of the Sudirman Barisan in the Indonesian Province of Papua. Puncak Jaya has a height of 4,884 m and around it is the Carstensz glacier, the only tropical glacier in Indonesia, which is likely to disappear soon due to global warming.
Include :
✔ All Permits and Entrance Fee
✔ 2 Nights Stay in Timika,Inclusive Breakfast
✔ Experieced Climbing Tour Guide And Field Assistants
✔ All Meal During Expedition
✔ Chartered Helicopter
✔ Sattelite Phone For Emergency
✔ Radio Communication With The Basecamp
✔ Standart Camping And Climbing Equipments

Itinerary : 👉📜
👉Day 1 Arrival In Airport Timika,Stay In Timika( Dinner ).
👉Day 2 Chartered helicopter To The Yellow Valley 4300 m ( B,L,D ),Camp Area.
👉Day 3 Exercise Day For acclimitisation In the Basecamp and Refresh Skills Rope ( B.L,D ).
👉Day 4 Summit Attack.
👉Day 5 Yellow Valley To Timika,Helicopter Pick Up ( B,L,D ).
👉Day 6-7 Contigency Days,This Is anticipate Bad weather on Day 4 that might not be suitable to execute summit attack.
👉Day 8 Departure.